ECS Mobile

Get the information you need with ECS Mobile.

The perfect companion for ECS 10 is ECS Mobile! With ECS Mobile you can access your database through any smartphone, tablet, or workstation. It delivers advanced charting that allows for more face time with residents and real-time charting. ECS Mobile provides instant access to notes, reporting, and alarm notifications to increase response time for more urgent needs.

How it Works

ECS Mobile Tablet real time charting ECS EMR

ECS Mobile is accessed through an internet browser. Each facility has a unique URL that allows users to access their database. Instead of downloading, maintaining, and updating additional applications on individual devices, we offer a mobile solution that connects directly to your database on any device that has an internet connection.

Our non-modular design allows for the entire EMR to be accessed via mobile devices; not just specific modules. You control the technical specifications, restrictions, and type of hosting. As always with American Data, you control access to your records.

No distraction bedside care EMR ECS

Eliminate the Distraction Gap

ECS Mobile allows you to spend more time with residents and less time in your office or station. It also allows you to use non-obtrusive devices when charting in the presence of residents; reducing the distraction gap between technology and resident care.

Enjoy your passion for care like never before by experiencing a new level of convenience at your fingertips on mobile devices. Get the information you need, when you need it, with ECS Mobile.

Simple software mobile ECS EMR

Improve Your Facility with ECS Mobile

Mobile Tablet Bedside Chart

ECS improves efficiency, eliminates errors, and ensures correct reimbursement for the care provided.

Daily documentation entered at the point of care pulls to other areas of the medical record, ensuring that records are more accurate and complete.

Why continue wasting time completing unnecessary assessments or digging through filing cabinets?

How does Mobile Work ECS EMR

Mobility In Action

While other EMR vendors created apps for hand-held mobile devices for specific and limited purposes, American Data’s ECS allows authorized users to write or review anything in the clinical record with restrictions controlled by the facility. Alerts and Internal Communication can be sent to phones or tablets even when the device is not logged into ECS.

Why mobile ECS EMR

Benefits of ECS Mobile Access

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Reduce Distraction Gap

ECS Mobile reduces the distraction gap between technology
and resident care by utilizing non-obtrusive devices.

Free up Staff 

Point of care charting coupled with ECS Mobile frees up staff
time allowing them to focus on the resident.

Improve Efficiency

Daily charting flows through the entire record populating reports
and prompting answers to government-required assessments.

Capture Correct Care Provided

Charting is entered at the point of care by the caregiver.

Automated Workflow

Easy to use Access Screens automate your personalized workflow
and prompt for thorough documentation.

Integrated System

Complete and accurate documentation is entered once
and populates the entire record.

Real-Time Capture

Documentation is captured at the point of care.